Effectively align your physical environment with your life goals and intentions

Feng shui for:

  • Homes & apartments
  • Businesses
  • Spas, wellness centers & places of worship
  • Communities and ecovillages

In the Classical Feng Shui tradition, the energies of our home or workplace shift every 20 years. The year 2023 is a transition year.  It is an extremely important period to align our objectives, to plant what we want to harvest in the next 20 years, that is, until 2043.

How to get started

Contact us for a free, no-obligation information session. We will jointly identify your needs and get details about your space (or intended space) and prepare a written proposal.

Upon approval, we will begin an in-depth feng shui analysis and produce a personalized, illustrated report (approx. 50 pages), containing:

  • The astrological profile of all residents
  • Analysis of the compatibility of residents with the property
  • Analysis of the personal hexagrams of the I Ch’ing
  • Analysis of favorable directions (for stove, bed, sofa, dining table, entrance door, etc.)
  • Analysis of energy trends in the property that influence various areas of your life
  • Measuring the energetic resonance of all sectors of the property
  • Step-by-step instructions for harmonizing the energy balance of the property
  • Decoration tips for internal and external environments
  • A two-hour online meeting to explain the report produced and answer questions
  • Monitoring and advising the implementation of feng shui cures

Buying a house?

We will analyze up to three properties to find the home that’s most aligned with you and your intentions and goals.  We can also help you select an apartment or undeveloped land.

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Selling a house?

We will help you find motivated buyers by improving the energetic flow in your home.

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Planning to build or renovate?

Get your project started in the right direction. We analyze your property to find the best feng shui orientation before your architect and builder start their work.

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Zaida Amaral (Sattva)

Zaida Amaral is a Brazilian environmental architect with 35 years of experience in feng shui. She has harmonized more than 1500 spaces in Brazil and the United States, and serves as a sacred and sustainable spaces consultant for families, businesses, wellness centers, ecovillages, organizations, and ashrams.

As a child, Zaida absorbed spiritual teachings from her grandparents, beginning a lifelong exploration of the relationships between the visible and invisible realms. In 1998, she embarked on a pilgrimage through Europe and the Americas to experience and study the relationships between energy, sense of place, and community living.  Today she lives in an ashram in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil, where she has used feng shui to design the buildings and common spaces.

Zaida conducts online consultations in Resonance Design worldwide in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation information session

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